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Body treatments 

  • Fat freezing 

  • Radiofrequency & Ultracavitaion 

  • Fat dissolving mesotherapy


Fat and Measure Reduction with a Non Invasive Liposculpture treatments.  With just a few minutes of treatment  you will  see and feel a huge  difference.


Fat freezing  consultation is required.

Ultracavitation and Radio Frequency for *fat and cellulite*


 Fat dissolving - Cellulitis and lipolysis mesotherapy - 

minimum 3 sessions required  

EMSCULPT with Radio Frequency for Muscle building and Fat dissolving 


Minimum 4 sessions required 

Bum muscle toning with EMSculpt 
Fat freezing 
Double chin fat dissolving 
Measure Reduction with
Fat freezing 
Fat freezing + Fat dissolving 
lipolisis .jpg
Fat dissolving 
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